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    Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

    What is the lead time? When can you install the system earliest?

    We try our best to stock items in high demand, especially as DVS comes into force in London. However, some of our products and kits are only available on a longer delivery window due to it’s value and availability. This especially applies to our Mobile CCTV Kits due to the sheer demand of these kits being installed. The lead time is usually 2-3 weeks from order / deposit paid so please be sure to contact us and order in time! Ordering the Kit now would guarantee you an installation slot as early as possible.

    Will you provide support with installation if I just buy the CCTV Kit?

    Yes, telephone support will be available as well as full instructions how to install the system. However, all our electrical systems should be installed by a competent professional and support would be limited to those. We highly recommend buying the kit with installation so it is setup by our engineers professionally and correctly.

    How long does installation take? Are there any extra charges?

    Installation usually takes 3-4 hours depending on your vehicle / truck and your requirements. Our basic installation package covers the installation of the system with default basic mode, cameras showing on a split screen. There would be extra charges for setting up automated views such as left turn indicator toggle and reversing / rear view camera auto-switch on the screen.

    Do you offer installations on weekends?

    Yes, we offer installations on weekends but they tend to be the most popular choices so places are limited and will incur extra charges. Please contact us for further information.