The CCTV systems conveniently installed at the client’s premises. Any holes drilled for the mounting of cameras are sealed. All cables and wires are neatly tucked away so that they are hidden from sight. The high resolutiondisplay unit mounted in the cab will provide visual aid to the driver by displaying the reversing camera or any feed from the cameras. CMS software will be provided so your staff can play back, analyse and back-up footage from the recorder.

The Road Protect video surveillance system can provide an on-screen view of any sides of your vehicle, enabling hugely improved driver performance and road safety, particularly for cyclists. Drivers can see every angle of the vehicle from a high resolution 7 inch video monitor. By default, the display can be set to either view all 4 cameras simultaneously or just one, usually the reversing / blind spot camera view.

Optionally, the feed from the n/s camera can be automatically displayed when the left turn signal is activated. This could provide Crossrail / FORS compliance to visually eliminate the blind-spot.

The units are recording to a local 500GB Hard Drive that can store up to 7-10+ days of footage. The Hard Drive is locked and administrator password can be set to comply with GDPR legislation.

We install the CCTV and other safety systems conveniently at the client’s
premises. During installation of our cameras we ensure that no other electrical systems in the vehicle are impacted during the process.