Live Video Feed and Remote Access

Road Protect’s Digital Video Recorder can be equipped with a 3/4G SIM card to enable remote viewing and video management, including tracker options from your office or on the go. The lockable Digital Video Recorder is heavy duty and tamper-proof, accessible only to authorised persons.

Live Video / GPS tracker and Remote Download

Watch live feed of the vehicles in your fleet from your office, the video feed is transmitted through UK’s 3/4G network. Live GPS information is also displayed with the ability to track the vehicles movement history.

You can remotely access all recordings for each vehicle and immediately download it in the comfort of your office upon an incident, wherever the vehicle is.*

Access from Mobile Devices

Away from the office? Check your fleet from your mobile device (Android, Iphone, Tablet etc.). Full access to authorised personnel including Live View, GPS tracking and Remote Download.*

*Data enabled SIM card is required in the DVR. Video service is provided by Road Protect £4.50/month per vehicle (excluding mobile data SIM card). Vehicle must be in area of 3/4G network coverage for remote access.